What Exactly Does HVAC Mean?

Everything You Wanted To Know About Air Conditioning

HVAC is a common phrase in the heating and cooling industry. Short for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, these three functions are combined into one system in today’s homes and buildings. Warm, cool or dehumidified air flows through tubes, called ducts, and is distributed to all rooms of your house. A HVAC system is a quiet and convenient way to cool your whole house.

Like so many other appliances, air conditioning systems have improved in energy efficiency in the last few years. This resluted in saving money, and increasing your comfort by maintaining and upgrading your HVAC equipment from your heating contractor.

Central Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are normally matched with gas or an oil furnace which provides heat through the same ducts.

There are also HVAC’s called heat pumps, which combine both heating and cooling functions. Should you heat your home using electricity, a heat pump system is the best unit to use in moderate climates. It provides up to three times the heating than the same amount of electrical energy it uses. A heat pump can cut the amount of electricity used for heating up to 30% or 40%.

Though air conditioning and heat pumps require the use of different components, they both operate on the same simple principles.

How Do They Work?

Heat pumps and some air conditioners are known as split systems, this is because there is an outdoor unit, and an indoor unit. The heat pumps’ job, or air conditioning, is to send heat from one of the units to the other. In summer, for instance, the system takes heat from indoor air, and takes it outside. Thus leaving cool indoor air to be circulated through ducts by a fan.

A refrigerant takes the heat from one area to another.

A compressor in your exterior unit will change the refrigerant into a gas. As that gas goes through the exterior coil, it loses heat. This process makes the refrigerant condense to a liquid that goes through copper tubing.

The refrigerant expands, turning into a low temperature, low pressured gas. The gas absorbs the heat from the air circulating in your home, leaving it full of cool air to be sent throughout your house.

While your air conditioning, or heat pump cools down the air, it also dehumidifies. This is because warm air passing through the interior evaporator coil will not hold so much moisture, as it took at a higher temperature before cooling. The excess moisture condenses on the exterior of the coils, and is taken away via a drain.

affordable air conditioning services in Modesto CAThis process works in reverse with a heat pump in the winter. Heat pumps extract heat out of the exterior air, where it is sent from the evaporator coil to the air circulating throughout your house.

Heat pumps are sometimes installed with a furnace to handle all heating requirements, should more heat be needed than the heat pump can extract from the air.

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Air Conditioning will Improve your Life!

We live in an interesting age. People keep complaining about the pollution in the outdoors air, and they are right to do so. But what is more interesting is the fact, that almost no one pays attention to a far more concerning problem for us human beings. This is how our Air conditioner after HVAC contractor repairordinary routine goes – home, work, home. We spend nearly 90% of our time indoors! That is why we should take a closer look at what is happening to the air there!

Indoor air pollution is the leading cause of various sicknesses and diseases that plague us every day. Dirt, dust, pollen and allergens constantly swirl around us – and we are often oblivious of the dangers they pose. The most common sources of those pollutants are cosmetic products, indoors cooking and animals. An argument exist in the scientific world, whether air conditioning works towards or against the indoor air pollution. We can tell you one thing for sure – HVAC can really improve the quality of your indoor air. That is, however, if the unit is properly maintained and taken care of. There is no better way to ensure the functionality and safety of your heating and cooling unit than requesting the services of a reputable and reliable HVAC contractor.

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Why We Need HVAC Systems

People have always needed to control their indoor climate. In modern days, HVAC systems seem to be the best answer to these heating and cooling needs, and the households, as well as businesses in Modesto CA, are no exception to this rule. Why is this so? HVAC systems have many benefits. Listed below are a few of them.

1. Energy conservation

The price of a high quality HVAC system might be significantly higher when compared to that of the standard gas furnace. HVAC SystemsHowever, in the long run, the HVAC systems have the advantage of saving you money because of lower energy bills. Why is this so? One answer is better technology – HVACs are complicated pieces of electronics designed with energy efficiency in mind. Another answer is that this particular system is used not only for the heating, but for both the heating and cooing of your Modesto CA home or business. The combined use of the appliance saves construction space, installation fees, and power usage. In addition, HVAC systems are usually run by renewable solar or wind energy. Continue reading


How to install your HVAC unit and maintain energy-efficiency

During the past, homeowners had to stand the seared heat of summer and the cold of winter to live. These days, just a single switch of a button is what gives you warmth for heat and cold during summer days. Unfortunately, homeowners neglect this special advantage and take it for granted. People in Modesto CA who use HVAC systems are not fully aware of how it actually works or how to install it correctly. All they know is how to switch it on or off and adjust it accordingly. In the area, this is a common scenario for both residential and commercial owners. As a result, even minor issues are treated as an urgent event. Below are mentioned a few tips from our heating contractor to keep in mind when it comes to your heating and cooling system.

Installing an AC unit

The correct HVAC installation is valuable for optimal functionality and safety. It influences energy efficiency and ventilation quality of your home or office. While installation of HVAC systems requires knowledge and skill set, there are many tricks for installing and running heating and air conditioning systems.


  •  Determine rounds versus square duct work. The duct work should be square and bigger than the diameter of the complete supply runs that reach the primary trunk. It will ensure that the primary air supply trunk is working correctly and that it complies with the volume of air being spread across the room.
  •  Inspect air sealing. All joints should be sealed with professional duct tape that is specifically designed for HVAC units. This is a preferred sealing material to use as duct tape are peel and stick, featuring a shiny coating. Continue reading

Air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems have made people’s lives more comfortable and convenient. It  makes sure the area is cool during hot summer afternoons or warm during wintry days.

air conditionerPeople who work on air conditioners are generally referred to as HVAC contractors. They operate on heating and cooling systems using a special skill set and a variety of tools. An individual with limited or no knowledge at all regarding HVAC systems should consider this option strongly in order to avoid causing further damage to the components. In Modesto, there are many contractors you can choose from. This makes it downright overwhelming and daunting. Finding the right heating contractor involves more than just weighing cost vs benefits. Use the tips below to make the process less stressful and time-consuming. Continue reading


Heating & Air Conditioning

People should be happy, because today, a flip of the switch gives you warmth during wintry days you heat for cold weather. Many who use HVAC systems are not even aware of how it works or how to properly install it. All they know is how to turn it on and off. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to HVAC systems.

Installing HVAC Systems

Industrial air conditioning by our heating contractorProper HVAC installation is first step for functionality and safety. It affects ventilation quality and energy efficiency of the home or business. While installation of HVAC commands ample knowledge and skill set, there are many DIY tips for installing and operating heating & air conditioning systems. Below are tips for installing them: Continue reading


Proper working HVAC unit for comfortable life

If you live in Modesto CA, you know how important hot water heating and furnace heating repair is, and when you need repairs done, then calling a professional HVAC contractor, like AAA Triple Heating, life-saving. Whether you need repairs to your heating units, or you would like to install a water heater or air conditioning unit, our heating contractor can help you. AAA Triple Heating provides heating installation services in the Modesto CA area at affordable prices.modern black air conditioner Continue reading


The Significance of a Best HVAC System

Your HVAC system is an important part of the infrastructure in your house, and plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in your house. Having an efficient, properly working heating system by your contractor in the house you live in means that you can get comfort at a reasonable cost, while an inefficient HVAC system may result in numerous hot spots and high energy bills. In reality, a HVAC system has considerable impact on the livability of your residence. Therefore, you should work with a professional HVAC contractor to design and maintain your HVAC system in a proper way.

The important components of a HVAC system are:

heating and cooling unit

  • A furnace- It is used for producing heat inside your house to keep it warm in winter months. They can run off natural gas, electricity, propane, or oil depending upon the furnace and the way your house is set up
  •  Duct work- These are fiberglass or metal tubes that can deliver conditioned air inside the house
  • Vents-Vents allow conditioned air to blow in your house and also return the stale air that is too cold or hot back to the machine. They are placed strategically to maintain uniform atmosphere inside the house.
  • An heating unit from the contractor unit-Many people prefer a big whole house heating unit build by the contractor to keep the entire house cool. It is located outside the premises and can deliver the conditioned air using a sophisticated system of ducts and a blower. Continue reading