Heating & Air Conditioning

People should be happy, because today, a flip of the switch gives you warmth during wintry days you heat for cold weather. Many who use HVAC systems are not even aware of how it works or how to properly install it. All they know is how to turn it on and off. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to HVAC systems.

Installing HVAC Systems

Industrial air conditioning by our heating contractorProper HVAC installation is first step for functionality and safety. It affects ventilation quality and energy efficiency of the home or business. While installation of HVAC commands ample knowledge and skill set, there are many DIY tips for installing and operating heating & air conditioning systems. Below are tips for installing them:

• Identify round vs square duct work

For the primary air supply trunk, the duct work must be square and be bigger than the diameters of the standalone supply runs that extend to the primary trunk, so it can comply with the volume of air being forced across and can keep the duct static pressure below 2 inches of water column.

• Learn air sealing

All joints must be sealed with specialized duct tape that’s specifically designed for heating and ventilation systems. This is the most preferred sealing material to use since duct tape are commonly peel and stick, and boasts a glossy coating.

Saving Energy With Your HVAC

Another aspect to address with your HVAC systems is operating it within energy-efficient levels. The ongoing operational costs of HVAC systems are quite hefty over the long period of time you are using it. For a thrifty homeowner and business operator, lowering these costs should be a primary objective. Here are energy saving tips you can use:

• Maintaining the equipment

HVAC users are recommended to have their HVAC equipment tuned up at least once a year for high performance and energy efficiency. Prior the cooling season starts, assess the coils for dirt and debris. Keep adequate levels of refrigerant and vacate blower components for correct airflow.

Seal ducts

As mentioned earlier, you should always seal the air ducts that can leak the air. Up to 20% of air can be lost due to spills, cracks and incorrect duct links.

And at the end, work with a professional and experienced heating contractor like AAA Triple Heating. Their maintenance and repair services are the affordable in Modesto, CA.