How to install your HVAC unit and maintain energy-efficiency

During the past, homeowners had to stand the seared heat of summer and the cold of winter to live. These days, just a single switch of a button is what gives you warmth for heat and cold during summer days. Unfortunately, homeowners neglect this special advantage and take it for granted. People in Modesto CA who use HVAC systems are not fully aware of how it actually works or how to install it correctly. All they know is how to switch it on or off and adjust it accordingly. In the area, this is a common scenario for both residential and commercial owners. As a result, even minor issues are treated as an urgent event. Below are mentioned a few tips from our heating contractor to keep in mind when it comes to your heating and cooling system.

Installing an AC unit

The correct HVAC installation is valuable for optimal functionality and safety. It influences energy efficiency and ventilation quality of your home or office. While installation of HVAC systems requires knowledge and skill set, there are many tricks for installing and running heating and air conditioning systems.


  •  Determine rounds versus square duct work. The duct work should be square and bigger than the diameter of the complete supply runs that reach the primary trunk. It will ensure that the primary air supply trunk is working correctly and that it complies with the volume of air being spread across the room.
  •  Inspect air sealing. All joints should be sealed with professional duct tape that is specifically designed for HVAC units. This is a preferred sealing material to use as duct tape are peel and stick, featuring a shiny coating.

Energy saving tips

Another imperative aspect to address with your air conditioner is operating it within energy-efficient levels. The current operational cost of AC systems is quite hefty over the long time you are using it. Here are several energy saving tricks you can apply:

  • For high performance and energy-efficiency, your HVAC system should be regularly maintained and tuned up at least once per year. Before the winter season arrives, you want to assess the coils for debris and dirt. Maintaining adequate levels of refrigerant and remove any particles for correct flow of air.
  •  Seal the air ducts. As mentioned above, you should seal the air ducts that typically can leak the air. Because of spills, incorrect duct links, and cracks, 20% of air could be lost.
  •  Working with a professional HVAC contractor like AAA Triple Heating will ensure that your system is functioning correctly. High quality maintenance and repair services will be of enormous help for customers in Modesto CA. Should you require more information on regular maintenance prices, please contact our HVAC contractor.